"Were not just formulators and herbalists, we're farmers too!"


"Many of the prized plants that we use in our blends are hand seeded, carefully grown, and lovingly harvested at peak season. We go beyond organic standards by using regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and traditional farming methods to create a sustainable biodynamic farm. Our methods place the utmost importance on developing symbiotic soil health which grows strong plants with fortified immune systems, disease resistance, and maximum bioavailability of key nutrients. We DON'T believe in or use any synthetic pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers." Through harnessing nature's wisdom, we are able to explore and implement innovative techniques that cultivate healthy soils and grow abundant healthy plants.

Some of our plants:

-Sour Sop
-Aloe Vera
-Prickly Pear
-Dragon Fruit
-Coco Palm
-Passion Fruit
-Cerasee Vine
-Noni Fruit
-Gale of the Wind
-Butterfly Pea

Everything is connected and so are we. Start your natural path in life today by ditching your old personal products and see the amazing difference for yourself