Our Legacy

Humanity & nature go hand in hand. We could not have survived as a species through the eons without the healing aid of plants. Plants have provided us with food, medicine, clothing, and shelter. The wisdom and practical application of botanical knowledge was closely preserved and passed down from generation to generation. Every culture and people have their own set of plants based on their geography.

Natural Reasoning

Using natural and organic ingredients allows the body time to adapt to the natural compounds found in plants. This is why natural remedies take some time to work. In a world of instant gratification, that initial relief comes with a cost. We love botanical extracts because it's been passed down to us and we firmly believe in Aristotle's "Let thy food by thy medicine" approach. The body has it's own healing mechanism called the immune system which does pretty good on it's own although having plants around as allies certainly does help. Plant extracts contain a slew of active compounds such as phenols, ketones, aldehydes, esters, oxides, alcohols, and much more. Used since antiquity, plants are a valuable contribution to alternative, complimentary, and natural self-care. Look better, feel better, and be better all the way with a natural lifestyle approach.

Chemical Assault

According to The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Substance Inventory, there are over 84,000 chemicals registered and in use! Many of these chemicals have not been fully tested and many of those that have been are being discovered to be more toxic than originally thought. Everything we use in all aspects of our lives contain one or more chemical combinations from our foods, personal care products, clothing, baby products, supplements, furniture, flooring, plastics, and even water! The reality is that certain chemicals are necessary in order to create the materials in our world however, we don't have to subject our bodies to them. After years of "running for the cure", the moment has arrived to stop "running" and start "thinking" of the "cause. It's time for humanity to take a personal inventory of all the products we use daily. Making a difference starts with you by choosing what goes in and on our bodies.